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A pest can be any plant or animal which is detrimental to Human beings, Livestock products, Agriculture, Human structures, Wild ecosystems etc. Professional’z PMS provides Pest Control Services in various categories of pests which man encounters in regular life with all high tech tools and latest technologies.

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At Professional’z we bestow massive range of pest services from residential to commercial level with customized to your needs. Since the day of our establishment we have worked hard to meet the growing demands of our precious clients. For proving ourselves on our words our team helped us a lot. These experts guides and supervise our trained technicians to provide international standard Pest Control Service in India.

We don’t believe in boundaries and restricted areas that is why we become able to mark such tremendous area in success. We don’t wish to fall under Repeated, Residual pesticides and applications this approach ignores two flaws; One, insects develop resistance to pesticides, especially when pesticides are used repetitively in low doses. Secondly, the use of subsequent high dosages can be harmful to both human, pets and the environment.

Our services are less dependent upon chemical pesticides which are harmful to living beings and more reliant upon techniques such as exclusion, traps and surveillance. This blend of non-chemical tactics and localized use of pesticides is called as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Apart from these services we do have years of expertise in Termite Control and management services which is our one more positive factor from others. Apart from these services we do have years of expertise in Termite Control Management Services which is our one more positive factor from others.

With our years of experience we have proven ourselves as one of the leading organizations in pest control service providers. We do have a proven track record of 1000+ satisfied customers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Manesar, Faridabad, Noida (Delhi NCR), Mohali Chandigarh, Panchkula (Chandigarh Tricity), Sitarganj, Rudrapur in Uttrakhand. Pest control services in Delhi NCR are our main centre office from where we control our services and connect with other cities.

We provide services for all the pest related problems like:-

Overview for Activegel Service:-

Over 3500 species exists of cockroaches worldwide. Bacteria's of cockroaches can remain in their digestive system for a month or more. They can survive a couple of weeks without food or water. Cockroaches can carry and transmits the following diseases to humans:-

  • Cholera
  • Typhoid
  • Dysentery
  • Hepatitis
  • Food Poisoning
  • Asthma

Also, on the allergy front, more than 50% of asthmatic and skin sensitive people have allergic reactions to cockroach presence & excretions.

Control Method: - We use advanced technique to manage the infestation of household pests like cockroaches, silverfish, spider, red and Black ants. It is combination of Gel and Spray of chemical which is very effective. Our service is completely hassle free, odourless and safe for human beings.

ACTIVEGEL TREATMENT (Cockroaches, Red & Black Ants, Silverfish, Spiders)


Rats and Mice are known to transmit several potentially fatal diseases to humans, including viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF), plague, the Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), lassa fever and of course leptospirosis.

Control Method: - We use bait and trap method to control the infestation of Rats and Mice. But the most important factor to control the infestation is by denying their entry in your premises by taking all corrective actions.


Controlling either is generally best left to professional’z pest management services.